The Pros and Cons of Part-Time, Full-Time, and Online MBA Programs

Before starting my MBA, I worked complete-time for a business enterprise that required me to be on call or paintings at company occasions on weekends. My husband become going to high school complete-time and running element-time, and we had to devise to make time for every different on days off. Still, including to an already worrying time table changed into really worth it. I knew an MBA in advertising and marketing could help spherical out my undergraduate diploma in journalism and 7 years of revel in working in content, social media, and virtual advertising.

By enrolling on the Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Bernard M Baruch College, I started on the route to turning into one of the thirteen.1 percentage of U.S. Adults with superior degrees. Though the Digital MBA itself is surprisingly young, it ranks as the most famous postgraduate degree in the U.S., with 25 percent of graduate college students now earning MBAs, consistent with Fortune.

Like others pursuing this degree, I weighed the possibilities of completing my MBA even though a part-time, complete-time, and online software. In the stop, I ended up experiencing a bit of each layout. Here’s what I learned in the course of my two-yr journey as a component-time grew to become complete-time pupil squeezing in as many online and hybrid training as feasible.

Part-Time MBA Pros & Cons
Pro: You’re in appropriate employer.
While it might imagine that opting right into a element-time software will paint you as much less serious or less committed in your education than your complete-time peers, the pace you select might not make you an outlier. In truth, you’ll be a part of the general public. According to the Council of Graduate Schools’ (CGS) statistics, of over 250,000 college students who enrolled in business graduate applications in Fall 2016, forty nine.8 percent finished their diploma full-time at the same time as 50.2 percentage opted part-time packages.

Pro: You can ease lower back into an educational recurring.
I went to grad school approximately six years after finishing my undergraduate diploma, and the transition getting lower back into academia took time. After graduating college, I discovered the unfastened time that got here after a workday so exciting. For years, I filled it doing what I enjoyed—volunteering, spending time with buddies, gambling tennis, studying, and watching my favored shows as late into the night as I desired. Giving up my free nights (and sooner or later weekends) for instructions, commuting to work and school, and homework changed into something I wasn’t eager approximately.

I took two instructions at some stage in my first semester. Here’s what my time table appeared like:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Commute to paintings: 8:forty five-9:30 am
Work: 9:30 am-five:30 pm
Commute to paintings: 5:30-6:15 pm

Commute to paintings: eight:30-9:15 am
Work: nine:15 am-five:15 pm
Commute to school: five:15-5:45 pm
Statistical Analysis for Business Decision Making: five:50-7:05 pm
Dinner/wreck: 7:10-7:25 pm
Business and Society: 7:30-eight:30 pm
Commute home: eight:30-nine:15 pm
Homework: 10 pm-11pm

Commute to work: 8:30-9:15 am
Work: nine:15 am-five:15 pm
Commute to highschool: 5:15-5:45 pm
Statistical Analysis for Business Decision Making: five:50-7:05 pm
Commute home: 7:05-7:50 pm
Homework: Saved for the weekend
Pro: You’ll be busy (however no longer in an impossible manner).
When I switched to taking instructions full-time, I plugged each homework mission, essay, mid-term, and organization assembly into my calendar, shade-coded via subject, with reminders for the maximum essential closing dates to stay on pinnacle of the entirety. In a element-time MBA software, I could preserve song of assignments and readings effortlessly. I felt like I ought to soak up the cloth higher instead of feeling like I changed into getting via things to cross off my to-do listing.

Con: You may also omit out on networking opportunities.
One benefit of complete-time programs is that they generally tend to institution college students through cohort, or institution of friends who actions with you through your software. Cohorts may be a plus for lots motives, certainly one of them being the network you build. While I were given to know a lot of my colleagues, my major focus become on getting via my coursework, so I’d have time for my complete-time job and different duties outdoor of college. I’m certain I could have triumph over this issue had I made greater of an effort, but my program failed to offer as many networking possibilities as its complete-time counterpart. And whilst it did, they often passed off in the course of the day once I became running, or at night time once I changed into in class.

Con: Your schedule will nevertheless take successful.
As you could see from the first-semester agenda I listed above, I had three loose nights per week. On days I did have elegance, I most effective had one. Sounds top notch, proper? My time table may also have appeared open as a part-time pupil, however I nonetheless ignored out on the social, sports activities, and volunteering commitments I maintained earlier than losing unfastened nights a week.

Con: You may additionally become paying greater.
Eventually, I decided to complete my MBA complete-time because of its most training rate consistent with semester coverage. That is, tuition maxed out at 12+ credit (complete-time repute), meaning I’d pay the equal if I have been taking 12 guides, 14, or sixteen—you get the image. One semester after I’d been thinking about growing my route load, a colleague knowledgeable me she took between 13-14 credits to save in charges. This incentive, plus the danger to finish school inside years in place of three, turned into a motivator to make the transfer.

Full-Time MBA Pros & Cons
Pro: You can graduate quicker.
By turning into a complete-time student, I become capable of graduate in years as opposed to the 3 to four I’d to start with calculated. I persisted to work complete-time and controlled to stretch my agenda via slicing out most free-time activities. I also tended to consume extra prepared ingredients in preference to cook dinner at domestic. While it took numerous attempt—like having to get permission to take a few required classes out of order and operating component-time in an bills payable group to have the sector revel in important to achieve this—I wanted to graduate within years.

Pro: You can keep away from hidden charges.
As noted above, my MBA program had (and still has) a maximum lessons fee in keeping with semester in area. Students enrolled now, as an instance, pay $725 consistent with credit score up until 12 credit. After 12 credit, students save $725 in keeping with credit score. There are other prices to take into account that could upload up as properly. My program, for one, costs wellknown administrative expenses each semester. Take the “academic excellence” fee, which is requested of students to put money into faculty lecturers and studies programs, need-primarily based useful resource, and school. This rate is $750 a semester for component-time college students and $1,000 for his or her full-time peers. It may help element-time college students keep cash inside the brief-time period, however it costs them greater the longer it takes them to finish their diploma.

Con: You increase the risk of burnout.
Completing an MBA at the same time as working turned into one of the maximum demanding instances of my lifestyles. I still had a activity that required me to be on call and paintings weekends, which made it demanding becoming weekend lessons into the mix. Once, a professor called me out for texting for the duration of an early Saturday morning elegance. Instead of messaging pals, I changed into responding to work emails approximately an trouble that had come up for the duration of the hour I turned into in class and not able to be fully on name. I additionally found myself getting by way of on 5 hours of sleep to match in all of what my process and software required of me. I tend to want eight to 9.

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